At Bluebird Barbecue we believe in using the power of our business to contribute to the amazing community of Vermont that we call home. As a restaurant we strive to continue to build and foster the growth of a strong, networked local community.

Through service at our restaurants, outreach to community organizations, and donations we strive each and every day to make a difference in our community and contribute to the amazing work of the individuals and businesses that collaborate to make Vermont such a special place to live.

Our primary method of donation is with the Bluebird Barbecue Community Night Program where we partner with a local non-profit organization and donate 10% of the evening's sales. In considering donating gift cards and food + beverage we do prioritize our Community Night Program Partner Organizations. If you are interested in learning more and/or hosting a community night please visit: Community Night Program

Although we seek to support community endeavors as much as we can we also must balance giving with fiscal responsibility and ensure that our support is in line with our mission. We hope that you understand that we are not able to support all donation requests. 

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